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Reivax Maquinas machines

Hydraulic wire bending machines


CNC wire bending machines


Wire straightening and cutting machines


Paint roller machines


Welding wire ring machines


Wire filter bag cage machines


Container wire handle machines


Wire lampshade frame machines

MSA-4 Lampshade frame manufacturing automatic machine.

Construction wire part machines


Wire frame machines


2D wire part machines


3D wire part machines


Spring machines


Wire uncoiler / decoiler machines


Wire butt-welding machines

Butt-welding machine

Wire feeder machines


Wire bevelling tool machines


Wire thread rolling head machines


Wire straightener machines

Straightener Roller straighteners. Models wire from 0.3 to 15 mm.


Amongst our many designs are:
Wire manufacturing machines of:    
   Paint rollers MR-8 MR-8-M
   Welding rings MAA-5 MAA-5-1000-CNC 
   Filter bag cages  MSF-20  
   Container handles AS-R1   DH-1000
   Lampshade frames MSA-4  
   Frames MM-10  
   Construction parts HCH-1 MSZ-400
   2D wire parts DH-2000 TRF-1
   3D wire parts DH-2000-CN MAQ-3D-CNC-8 
  R6-200 3D-CNC-8-M 
Wire Machines:    
   Straightening and cutting machines MEC-5 MEC-5-100-CN  
  MEC-8 MEC-8-100-CN
     Uncoilers / decoilers DVM-1000  
     Butt-welding MST-10  
     Feeders ACN-8 ACN-16
     Bevelling tools CH-P-10 CH-V-10
    Thread rolling heads RSC-10-L RSC-10-CNC  
    Straightener machines Straightener  
Wire machine accessories    
Automation of machines for spring manufacturing Springs-Aut  



   Reivax Mquinas S.L.       

Reivax Mquinas. Fabricante de maquinaria para la deformacion del alambre. Barcelona - Spain.
Manufacturer of machinery for the deformation of wire 
3, St. Francesc  ES-17400 Breda (Girona) Spain
Phone (+34) 972.870.258 -  Information and estimates: Contact
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