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Wire uncoilers / decoilers - Reivax Maquinas.
DVM-1000 Motorized uncoiler

Motorized uncoiler for 1000 kg until Ĝ 8 MM rods.


Motorized uncoiler: DVM-1000 Motorized uncoiler for 1000 kg until Ĝ 8 MM rods. Reivax Maquinas - Barcelona - Spain.


Equipped with an electronic system that feeds the material needed with no stops or jerks. Fitted with safety devices to avoid snags in the roll. As the machine is fitted with a power limiter, the speed reducing axel does not suffer with the high speed starting and stopping.


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Reivax Máquinas. Fabricante de maquinaria para la deformacion del alambre. Barcelona - Spain.
Manufacturer of machinery for the deformation of wire 
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