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Wire lampshade frames machines - Reivax Máquinas
MSA-4 Lampshade machine

Automatic machine for manufacturing lampshade frames.


Lampshade machine: MSA-4 Automatic machine for manufacturing lampshade frames. Reivax Maquinas - Barcelona - Spain.


The number of rods to be welded and the angles between each rod can be programmed with the CNC. High production with a single head (3 rods – 850 pieces per hour). The possibility to manufacture almost all models and shapes. The frame setup can be changed 10 minutes. The rings are loaded automatically into the vibrator. A perfect finish to all pieces. Storage for a large number of models, in a graphical interface which is programmed by the operator.


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Reivax Máquinas. Fabricante de maquinaria para la deformacion del alambre. Barcelona - Spain.
Manufacturer of machinery for the deformation of wire 
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