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Wire butt-welding machines - Reivax Máquinas.
MST-10 Butt-Welding machine

Butt-Welding machine, Wire up Ĝ 10 mm.


Butt-Welding machine, Wire up Ĝ 10 mm. Reivax Maquinas - Barcelona - Spain.


The machine welds wire up to Ĝ 10 mm. Fitted with a system that quickly centres the pieces to be welded. Models can be changed in 2 minutes. High quality welding finish. The weld control system incorporates many options, thus permitting the welding of other types of materials, such as tempered steel, annealed steel, stainless steel, etc.


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Reivax Máquinas. Fabricante de maquinaria para la deformacion del alambre. Barcelona - Spain.
Manufacturer of machinery for the deformation of wire 
3, St. Francesc  ES-17400 Breda (Girona) Spain
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