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3D wire parts machines - Reivax Máquinas
DH-2000-CN  Wire bending - CNC machine

 Machine for manufacturing wire parts in 3D.


Wire bending - CNC machine: DH-2000-CN Machine for manufacturing wire parts in 3D. Reivax Maquinas - Barcelona - Spain.


High precision and easy programming of the parts to be manufactured. Possibility to combine 3D with tools. Minimum cost of the tools.


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MAQ-3D-CNC-8  Wire bending - CNC machine

   Machine with CNC for manufacturing wire pieces.


Wire bending - CNC machine: MAQ-3D-CNC-8 Machine with CNC for manufacturing wire pieces. Reivax Maquinas - Barcelona - Spain.


The head has 4 tools, each with a different bending radius. Can form sharp edges. The crown is turned with a patented gear mechanism that enables all the servos to be fixed to the structure; therefore, when the machine is running, no wires or other elements are turning. The crown cab turn in the same direction indefinitely. The finished pieces are of the highest quality. A clean straight cut. Maximum robustness in both head and tools. Easy programming of the pieces with a programme installed in graphical interface. Fitted with a hydraulic gag to hold the rod firm when shaving, bending, etc.


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R6-200 Wire bending - CNC machine

CNC bending machine for wire forming from Ĝ 2  to  Ĝ 6 MM.


Wire bending - CNC machine: R6-200 CNC bending machine for wire forming from Ĝ 2  to  Ĝ 6 MM. Reivax Maquinas - Barcelona - Spain.


14 CNC programmable axes. Easy and quick to program. Tool change with 6 different models. Unlimited converging interpolations. Multiple bend options. Out of range bends. Possibility of inserting subprograms to facilitate programming. Turret with winder, double wedge and extractor nipper. Cutter on the nozzle or internal. High robust quality. High precision fabricated pieces.


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3D-CN-8 / 3D-CN-8-M  CN machine for manufacturing 3D wire parts

Bending machine to CNC.


Wire bending - CNC machine: 3D-CNC-8-M Bending machine to CNC. Reivax Maquinas - Barcelona - Spain.


This machine works with cut rods for ensuring the quality of the pieces. 4 changes of the tooling for 4 different radii. This machine manufactures precision pieces with an easy programming.


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D-CNC-16-M   Wire bending - CNC machine

Bending machine to CNC for manual bending of the rod.


Wire bending - CNC machine: D-CNC-16-M Bendig machine to CNC for manual bending of the rod. Reivax Maquinas - Barcelona - Spain.


Bending: Wire Ĝ between 3 and 16 mm. Programming up to 10 different types of bends. Easy change of the tooling. This machine is ideal for the production of short series and prototypes.


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